More Than A T-Shirt: 5 Tips To Turn Corporate T-Shirts Into A Marketing Campaign

Posted on: 10 June 2015

Purchasing custom t-shirts for your company can serve many purposes. Corporate apparel can serve as a casual or semi-professional uniform. It can help to build your corporate culture and boost employee moral. It can also be an effective marketing strategy. If you want to use your t-shirts as a way to get the attention of potential clients, there are five simple tips you should consider while designing them. 

Create Clear Design Goals

The first step in any marketing campaign is to create clear goals. Your goals should include who your target audience is and what type of conversion action you are seeking from your campaign. For instance, if you want to draw in young, perspective employees with cutting-edge talent, you may want a design that is a bit more abstract and current. Alternatively, if your marketing goal is to increase the local awareness of your store, you may want a design that incorporates your logo more clearly. 

If you are hoping to attract active, outdoorsy customers, create a sporty t-shirt that your employees can wear while they exercise. If you are selling a more formal product, you might consider polo shirts. 

Select a Design Your Employees Will Wear 

T-shirts can only be an effective marketing tool if they are worn by your employees outside of work, where they will be seen by other people. To get your employees to wear their t-shirts on a regular basis, you should take their style and preferences into consideration. You may consider holding a t-shirt design contest and allowing your employees to vote on their favorite designs. You should at least conduct an informal poll that determines your employees' favorite colors to wear and whether they prefer large or small graphics on their t-shirts. 

Make Your Shirt Completely Unique

Most printing companies can offer t-shirts in a wide selection of colors, sizes, and shapes. However, if you really want your t-shirt to stand out, you might consider getting custom t-shirts sewn before printing graphics on them. When sewing a custom t-shirt, you can select the positioning, sizing, and color of piping. You can also have different colors for the sleeves, collar, front, and back of the t-shirt.

Custom sewn t-shirts can incorporate your corporate colors and and overall feeling while creating a finished, polished look that a simple print cannot accomplish. 

Go Beyond Your Standard Logo 

A common mistake many businesses make when designing corporate apparel is to print their standard logo, without any changes, on their t-shirts. While this can be a way to get your logo seen by many people, it does little to tell potential customers what your business is about. Since t-shirts are a much larger canvas than a business card, you should consider utilizing the extra space to tell a story with your design. 

You may choose to incorporate your logo, subtly, into a larger design, or you may take the opportunity to explore other aspects of your corporate culture and leave your logo off the t-shirt altogether. 

Get People to Ask Questions 

Ultimately, your t-shirts will be most effective as a marketing tool if they get potential clients to ask questions about them. You want to design a t-shirt that potential customers will comment on and that will give your employees a chance to casually talk about how awesome your company is. To achieve this, consider incorporating trending jokes or symbols that are popular in your industry. Interactive t-shirts can also be effective at inspiring client engagement. 

When making the investment to print corporate apparel, it is important to consider its many functions. The best t-shirt designs can serve multiple purposes and will be an exciting treat for your employees. Click here to learn more about corporate apparel options you may want to consider. 


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