Order Custom Mugs To Promote Your Services Or New Wares

Posted on: 15 March 2019

Promoting your services or new wares that you are selling can be the key to the longevity of your business and a high client return rate. People tend to feel good when they win a prize or receive a gift. Order custom mugs that showcase your business name or slogan, and then fill the mugs with an array of beverages, treats, or handy aids. Hold contests or social events that will result in awarding the mugs to clients, your personnel, or new acquaintances.

Prepare A Welcome Package For New Clients

If you provide tours to new clients or welcome them to sit down with you during informal consultations, you probably are used to giving the same spiel each time or are accustomed to being questioned about various aspects of your business. Break up the monotony of the introductions and ease yourself into each encounter by offering welcome packages that include custom mugs that are filled with tasty treats or powdered drink mixes.

Award Mugs During Meetings

If monthly board meetings or impromptu strategy sessions often involve sitting around a table or drawing up plans in your office, add some excitement to the beginning of each gathering by preparing some custom mugs for a raffle.

The incentive will give your workers something to look forward to prior to tackling a work-related project, and the people who receive the mugs will be able to use them during routine work shifts or when they are at home enjoying a cup of fresh-brewed coffee or tea. Fill each 'prize' mug with packets of gourmet coffee and tea and single-serve envelopes of sugar and creamer.

Designate the number of mugs that you plan on giving away for each gathering. Ask your employees to write their names on slips of paper and to put the slips into a small box that will be used for the raffle. Pull random tickets out of the box, and give a mug to each person who has won the contest.

Give Mugs Out During Social Functions

If you participate in public seminars or workshops, you will have the opportunity to meet new people who may be interested in your product line. Handing out mugs during the social functions will keep your business name or custom logo on each recipient's mind whenever they are drinking a beverage from one of the mugs.

Add a company brochure, personalized pen, or company keychain to the center of each mug. As you greet newcomers who approach you, hand out the mugs. 

For more ideas and ordering information, contact a company that offers custom mugs.


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