How to Get the Most From Trade Show Displays

Posted on: 14 May 2020

Standing out at a trade show is not a simple task to pull off. To do the job well, you'll need trade show signage that looks amazing and is practical all at once. Trade show displays with these 5 qualities often perform well. Let's take a look at each of them.

Text Size Comes First

The size of the text on your signs is a big deal. Figure out how far the average viewer is likely to stand from your display. As a rough rule of thumb, you'll need your text to have at least one inch of height for every 10 feet the viewer will be away from you. Bear in mind that applies to the smallest text on the sign. More important items will have to be featured with bigger text to signal their relevance and attract more distant viewers.

Contrasting Colors and Tones

Readability is significantly improved by maximizing the contrast of photos, logos, and texts against their backgrounds. This means a dark red background, for example, needs to contrast against light foreground items.

Maintain a Consistent Brand

Whatever branded items your business has needs to be relentlessly consistent. If you use a particular color scheme and set of fonts to strongly signal your brand, you  should use it everywhere. For example, Coca-Cola always uses white foreground text, and most of its products employ either red or black backgrounds. Make sure you maintain brand consistency with your business cards, tri-folds, website, and so on. Someone who has seen those items after seeing your trade show displays should be able to instantly get that they all come from the same business or organization.

Durable Materials

If you're setting up at trade shows, there's a good chance you plan to do a fair number of them, or at least hit the same one year after year. Having durable trade show signage will allow you to keep costs down and make use of many of the same items repeatedly.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Fighting with trade show displays is never fun. When you're looking for companies that manufacture them, ask them to show you a demo. More importantly, see how well you can handle assembly and disassembly issues with minimal instruction and zero help.

Look at how many hard-to-replace components come with the display, too. You want to have a display you can readily fix with stuff you can find at any hardware store.


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